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Saturday, May 13, 2017

The BEST ME Technique of Multimodal Suggestion

In the current edition of the American Psychological Association’s Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis, Steve Lynn and I describe the use of my technique of multi-modal suggestion to involve one’s whole person in the content of a suggested experience, using suggested changes in Beliefs, Emotions, Sensations and physical perceptions, Thoughts and images, Motives, and Expectations, which may be collectively referred to by the acronym, BEST ME.
BEST ME suggestions may be presented in any order and repeated as often as necessary, much as one might repeat the verses and choruses of a song. Since they are intended to insure comprehensiveness, BEST ME suggestions are not conceptually “pure,” and each suggestion may contain elements of the others. The categories do not need to be explicitly labeled as such, as long as they are all included within the totality of the suggestions which are provided.
Instead of merely picturing a setting in the mind’s eye, as in traditional meditation and visualization exercises, the BEST ME technique enables us to paint upon the canvas of human experience practically any masterpiece we desire... including the experience of visiting an alternate Universe, or even the Multiverse, the Universe of all possible Universes.
Everyone lives in a parallel universe which only occasionally intersects with others, because no two people share the same experiences. And since we can never really know what truth is, we should help clients to construct any type of framework which will help them to find meaning and purpose in their existence, regardless of the personal reality that we may construct for ourselves about things which are fundamentally unknowable

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