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Saturday, July 1, 2017

How to Recognize a Hypnosis Cult

If a suggestion sufficiently enhances the ongoing narrative of a person's life story, then it will not only be accepted at the time it was given, but it may continue to be believed in after the hypnotic session is ended, 

There is a woman up the road from me who hypnotizes people and tells them the name of their guardian angel, and which angels to pray to for whatever request they would like make. A former client of hers, who is a Roman Catholic, told me that he had learned from her to "speak in tongues" several years ago; and that every night, he prays in tongues both to the Trinity and to the guardian angel whom this woman has identified for him. This man is now one of my hypnosis clients, and I am helping him with an entirely different problem. Although I have listened with great interest to his accounts of his experiences with the hypnotist up the road, I have made no attempt to discuss their validity with him. 

Post-modern constructivnism is the point of view that we should help clients to piece together whatever conceptual framework will help them to make sense of their existence, regardless of the reality which we have constructed for ourselves. As a post-modern constructivist, I would not hesitate to utilize any kind of believed-in imaginings that will help clients to alleviate distress and find meaning and purpose in life. regardless of the beliefs which I personally employ in order to build such an understanding for myself. And if this means accepting or even enhancing, the religious or philosophical beliefs which they already hold, then so be it. 

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