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Friday, June 22, 2018

Experiential Therapy: Exploring Parallel Universes and Changing Lives

To borrow a line from Charles Dickens, “One thing must be clearly understood, or no good can come from this story I am about to tell.” Our brain creates our own reality! We construct this reality out of what William James called the “buzzing, blooming confusion” of raw sensory input, which bombards us from every direction, and which most physicists now believe  is comprised at the subatomic level of vibrating strings of energy. Since no two people have exactly the same experiences, what we believe to be  “out there" is  actually an individually constructed parallel universe which only partially intersects with those constructed by others.

Mechanically based systems of virtual reality are all necessarily restricted to the single sensory channel of perception. A skilled hypnotist, on the other hand, is able to use the BEST ME technique of multimodal suggestion to involve one’s entire being in the content of a suggested experience, working simultaneously with Beliefs, Emotions, Sensations and physical perceptions, Thoughts and images, Motives, and Expectations, to use the brain’s natural ability to construct a parallel universe in which a person's life narrative is one of triumph, regardless of their current life circumstances in this one,

For example, If a client with esteem issues has a talent or skill that they can do extremely well, we can guide them to experience a parallel Universe in hypnosis where they really shine, and use that experience to alter the narrative of their life story in this one.  I was recently working with a client who was going through several anxiety provoking stresses at the same time. She was also an excellent amateur gymnast, and she would probably have had great success if she had the means to compete at the national and international level. She responded extremely well to hypnosis. 

To boost her confidence and self esteem, I hypnotized her and suggested that she was going to experience the thrill, the exertion, and the triumph of winning an Olympic competition in a parallel universe, and having the gold medal hung around her neck at the end of the ceremony. At the conclusion of the session, she opened her eyes, obviously thrilled to the core, and exclaimed, "Wow! I just won a gold medal!"

We chatted for a while, and I jokingly mentioned that perhaps I should adopt the motto for our practice that some dance studios use, posting a sign outside which read, "Walk in, dance out." To my surprise, as I watched her leave the office and go down the hallway to the door at the far end, she was dancingShe later told me that she had no more difficulties in facing her current stressors with resolution and courage.

Recently, Kelley Woods and I (Gibbons & Woods, 2016). have veen constructing an alternate universe for our clients in which the complete and total fulfillment of one's existence has already become an accomplished fact, in order to overcome the negativity that has kept our clients from performing at their fullest potential Clients have been saying things like, "I can't thank you enough!" and, "I'm at a point in my life now where I think that I can accomplish anything.” Our book contains their stories.


Gibbons, D. E., & Woods, K. T. (2016) Virtual reality hypnosis: Exploring alternate and parallel universes. Amazon Books, 2016. (Both print and Kindle editions are available.)


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