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Experience as an Art Form: Alternative Paradigm for Hypnosis?

Other writers have envisioned the types of innovation which those who choose to regard human experience as an art form will almost immediately be able to recognize.. Aldous Huxley, in his book, Brave New World, predicted that motion picture technology would develop to a point where it would involve not only the sense of vision, but all of the other senses as well, in a totally absorbing entertainment medium which he referred to as the "Feelies." Those who remember the Star Trek series may recall the "Holodeck" programs -- three-dimensional holographic images, with which the participants are able to interact as if they were actual people and events. Brian David Phillips has been doing his own thing with the Society for Experiential Trance ever since I first proposed it to him many years ago.

A compete paradigm shift, in which we view human experience as an art form and  hypnosis itself as an artistic medium, will enable us to  see opportunities in the practice of experiential hypnosis that were not as obvious before.  However, the theme, intention, the major details of each directed experience should be thoroughly discussed with the participant beforehand, so that he or she has a clear understanding of what is about to take place. Such planning will help to insure the participant's wholehearted cooperation and to tailor the experience to the participant's own personal tastes and preferences, in order to maximize the pleasure and personal fulfillment which is to be derived from it.