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Friday, May 8, 2020

Multiversal Healing Meditation as First Aid for a Boken Heart

Kira, my first appointment for the day, was already seated in my office when I arrived for work. Her face was a mask of tragedy. Her boyfriend had just broken up with her, and she was circling the drain of despair. She had built a Wiccan altar beside her bed, and she was purchasing one spell after another from a group of local witches in order to bind him to her; but so far without success.

As she struggled to hold back tears, I decided to  try hypnosis as an emergency intervention, and she immediately agreed.
Despite her heightened emotional state, she responded well to suggestion and immediately became much calmer as I suggested feelings of peace and tranquility as I guided her into the Multiverse. In order to more strongly pave over her negative feelings, 

Later, when I asked her about her experience with hypnosis and multiversal Healing meditation, she thoughtfully replied, "If you had not done that, I don't know what I would have done." 

In a subsequent session, I asked if she had been attracted to her ex-boyfriend because of his looks or his physical appearance, she replied  "I've been out with hotter." They had  met through an advertisement online, and as they were discussing what each one was looking for in a partner, she said that she was looking for someone she could grow together with. "Like a tree," he responded. 
Her father was a tree surgeon, and when she was a little girl she used to like to watch him work. She believed that this response had initially provided the emotional glue which bound her so closely to him. 

Now, no matter how intensely she wanted her Wiccan spells to work, she was not able to believe in them with her whole being; and she gradually used up all the spells the Wiccans had sold her 

I told Kira that ever since I had begun teaching psychology several years earlier, students  would often me about was how to mend a broken heart, and my advice was always the same: the best way to get over one relationship is to begin another one. 

She lived close to Atlantic City, and she began to visit the casinos on weekends in the company of some female friends, with the intention of meeting men. Later, she told me with evident enjoyment about two men who both wanted to pick her up almost got into a fight over her. Obviously, she was no longer pining for her ex-boyfriend!.