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Friday, May 22, 2020

Hypno-Sex and Hyper-Sex: Pathways to Ecstasy

When you're ninety, you probably won’t be thinking about your best day at the office. But most people, if they are fortunate enough, will recall a few treasured memories of special, loving moments which warm the heart and live in the mind forever. Now, imagine how these memories will look, and what kind of life you will have led, after you and your spouse or partner have learned to create such special moments almost at will, and in practically any form you wish.

Using either a hypnotic or a hyperempiric induction as a preliminary, consenting and imaginative couples who respond well to suggestion are able to use direct suggestion in the context of multiversal meditation  to enhance the setting for lovemaking, evoke the proper mood, maximize both responsiveness and desire, and increase the length, depth, and frequency of climax, blending together all the elements of physical intimacy to create whatever masterpiece of fulfillment the loving couple may wish. When the lovers' ability to mutually satisfy each other has been interfered with by age or disability, or when their desires are not equally matched for other reasons, mulltiversal suggestion can provide a full measure of gratification for both partners by restoring the needed balance. And for those whose closeness would appear to be incapable of further improvement, the greatest surprises of all may be in store; for it is those who have the greatest abilities who also possess the greatest potential

Here is an example of how a hyperempiric induction be may be used to enhance the ecperiential. properties of physical intimacy. I once received an email from a man in Australia who had successfully used the following hyperempiric induction with his wife. (It can either be used alone or after a traditional hypnotic induction, depending upon the ability and preferences of the trance partner.)

First of all, just sit back or lie down, and make yourself comfortable. And when you are ready, close your eyes. 

Now, with your eyes closed, imagine that it is late on a warm summer night and that you are peacefully and comfortably resting inside a rosebud which is swaying gently in the soft breeze. If you accept each detail of the scene as I describe it, without trying to think critically, your imagination will be free to allow you to experience the situation just as if you were really there. So just let yourself relax completely now, inside this soft red rosebud, late on a warm summer night. You feel so comfortable resting there, snug and secure and nestled down among the petals of the flower.
You can feel the soft summer breeze gently caressing the outside of the bud. Just keep listening to the breeze, and continue to focus on the beauty and the peacefulness which is all around you. And as you continue to allow yourself to be guided by my voice, I am going to show you how to release your awareness for the fullest flowering of your sexuality.

There is a rustle of wind through the leaves; and as the soft, red petals around you gently begin to stir, you can feel the breeze beginning to filter through to you as the bud prepares to open. Let yourself breathe slowly and deeply now, as you inhale the warm night air and your consciousness commences to expand and unfold along with the flower.
The late night air is so pure, so fresh, and so crystal clear. Feel it entering your lungs, and feel the warmth of it entering your body as your awareness continues to expand. out.
As the bud begins to open, you look up and see that the sky is strewn with hundreds of blinking, bluish-white stars. As the bud expands more and more, your awareness is unfolding along with it. You continue breathing slowly, in and out, in and out, carrying this expanding awareness to every part of your body.
The rose petals are releasing a delicate perfume as the bud opens wider. Breathe in this joyous scent and follow its passage from your nostrils into your lungs. Let yourself become ever more aware of the rhythm of your breathing, as it carries you on to ever increasing sensations of sexuality. With every breath you take, your consciousness drifts higher. With every breath you take, your consciousness is expanding, and your capacity for experience is becoming exquisitely more sensitive.

The rose petals are expanding more rapidly now, and the bud is nearly open. As the bud continues to unfold, your feelings of joy and exaltation continue to expand along with it. You can feel your awareness continuing to grow, and your capacity for experience becoming greater and more intense than anything you have known before.
Now the blossom is fully open. The petals are extended as far as they will go, and your sexuality is in full flower. And while you remain within hyperempiria, every sensation and everything you experience will be intensely pleasurable, and each of these new experiences will be greater and more profound than you ever thought possible.

The Best Me Technique of Multimodal Suggestion

Regardless of the type of induction which you use it the type of imagery you choose to employ,  a suggested experience is much more fulfilling when several different dimensions are combined to produce the most rewarding outcome. The Best Me Technique is especially effective for this purpose.

 Each letter of the words "Best Me" stands for a different dimension of experience, which may be summarized as follows:

Belief Systems which orient to person, place, time, and events may be modified by means of suggestion, allowing one to transcend present realities. 

Emotions which occur naturally in response to suggested events may be enriched by means of suggestion, and new emotions may be added and blended as well.  
Sensations and physical perceptions, in various combinations, can be suggested with an intensity approaching -- and perhaps even exceeding --  those of real events. 
Thoughts and images may be enlisted to support your other suggestions,  in much the same way that a chorus enhances a song.  

Motives may either be suggested directly or as an implied consequence of other suggestions 
Expectations may be used both to define what is about to happen, and the way that these events will be remembered later.

The categories of the Best Me Technique are not conceptually pure, and each category may contain elements of the others, in which case the name aßsigned to each category refers to the element which is given the greatest emphasis.

Making Your Multimodal Suggestions Permanent

No form of sugggested experience can be expected to persist indefinitely without  environmental support. Anthropologists frequently point out that after a few years, people who marry for romantic love are just about as happy or unhappy as a couple in a culture in which arranged marriages are the norm. If you and your loved one have come to share culturally suggested experiences of rapture, ecstasy, wonder, and delight with suggestions such as, "I am your one, true infinite, unbounded, and everlasting love, and you are mine," if it happens to be the fourth of July and you are livingo in the United States, you won't have to go out or turn on the television in order to see fireworks! But, if you return to face a daily  life of bills to pay, appointments to keep, and an endless list of other things which simply have to be done, the strength of your affection will eventually begin to wane, regardless of how intense your attraction  might have been initially. If, on the other hand, you return to an environment in which romance comes ahead of everything else, and the first priority is the quality time you spend with each other, then the joys which you share together as lovers can take on near-sacramental qualities as you consecrate yourselves to one another anew, and the honeymoon becomes a permanent way of life.