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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Multimodal Hypnosis for Restoring Trust and Confidence

Tell me and I may forget.
Show me and I may not remember.
Involve me and I will understand.
                 --Chinese proverb

From the first glow of anticipation to the enduring treasures of fondest memory, multimodal suggestion provides us with a brush with which it is possible  to paint upon the canvas of human experience virtually any masterpiece we may desire.

Regardless of the type of imagery you employ,  any suggested experience is much more fulfilling when several different dimensions are combined to produce the desired result. You can think of each one of the following dinensions of experience as a different color on an artist's palate, which you can use in any combination you wish.

 Each letter of the words "Best Me" stands for a different dimension of experience, which may be summarized as follows:

Belief Systems which orient to person, place, time, and events may be modified by means of suggestion, allowing one to transcend present realities. 

Emotions which occur naturally in response to suggested events may be enriched by means of suggestion, and new emotions may be added and blended as well.  

Sensations and physical perceptions, in various combinations, can be suggested with an intensity approaching -- and perhaps even exceeding --  those of real events. 
Thoughts and images may be enlisted to support your other suggestions,  in much the same way that a chorus enhances a song.  

Motives may either be suggested directly or as an implied consequence of other suggestions 
Expectations may be used both to define what is about to happen, and the way that these events will be remembered later.

The categories of the Best Me Technique are not conceptually pure. Two or more categories may be combined, or ach category may contain elements of the others, in which case the name assigned to each category refers to the element which is given the greatest emphasis.

Jan and Jerry were high school sweethearts who married shortly after their graduation. As Jerry gradually rose to prominence in a large international corporation, he gradually became more distant and his wife was  starved for affection. Her boss, a sexual adventurer, sensed her vulnerability and began grooming her for his next conquest. After he was successful, he quickly lost interest and went in search of other prey.  Jan shamefully confessed her transgression to her husband and begged him for forgiveness.

Jerry was deeply in love with his wife, but his confidence was totally shattered. Despite a series of appointments with several therapists and marriage counselors, he was no longer able to make
love to her.

Jerry had hypnotized Jan on several occasions while they were in high school, mostly at parties. It occurred to him that if he could define the experience of hypnosis as something which only they could share, and which was so deeply fulfilling that no other form of human experience could equal it in depth and intensity, he might be able to get his confidence back. "The only way that I'm going to be able to make love to you for a while is to do it in hypnosis," he told her frankly, "because that's the only way I can be sure that what we have together is so special that nobody else can even come close to it."

With Jan's eager participation and consent, Jerry used the Multiversal Healing Meditation script presented elsewhere on this blog to make love to Jan in the supercharged environment of the Multiverse, including appropriately timed Best Me suggestions succh as, "I am your one, true, infinite, unbounded and everlasting love." 

Jerry's confidence was soon completely restored. The previous barriers to intimacy were  eliminated, and they were both convinced that the newly-strengthened bond between them would never again be broken. 

They lived in the United States; and whenever it was the Fourth if July, they no longer had to go out of the house or turn on the television in order to enjoy a fireworks display. They could make their own!