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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Viirtual Reality Hypnosis? Throw Away Those Goggles!

Most people are familiar with Charles Dickens' story, "A Christmas Carol," in which the miserly Scrooge is sited by three spirits who "scare the Dickens" out of him and he becomes a lovable old gentleman who "knew how to keep Christmas better than anyone."If Dickens had been writing in the twenty-first century instead of the nineteenth, he would probably have had Scrooge make a few visits to an experiential hypnotist who, as Kelley Woods and I have been doing, would use hypnosis guide the client to a series of parallel universes, in which things would turn out differently i-- except we know now that we should use love and happiness rather than fear as an incentive to make the point. We don't need to use 3-D glasses to use virtual reality hypnosis. We use a combination of Kelley's mindful hypnosis and Don's BEST ME technique to allow clients to project their entire being into another Universe -- and it works!

Virtual Reality Hypnosis: Adventures in the Multiverse extends Dickens' approach to the modern era, often with dramatic results., Clients have been saying things like, "I can't thank you enough!" and, "I'm at a point in my life now where I think I can accomplish anything!" The changes which they are reporting in their lives seem to bear this out.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Hypnotic Adventures in the Multiverse

Many physicists now believe that the human mind is bounded only by the Multiverse -- the universe of all possible universes, in each of which anything that can happen actually does happen. Kelley Woods and i are pleased to announce the publication of Virtual Reality Hypnosis: Adventures in the Multiverse, which allows you to hypnotically experience -- if only in the imagination -- whatever events in parallel and alternate worlds you might care to imagine, from winning an Olympic gold medal to immersing yourself in an ocean of infinite, unbounded, and everlasting love, and bringing the emotional effects of these experiences back with you to improve your life in this world.
Millions of dollars are currently being spent by some of the world’s largest corporations to develop virtual reality systems for use in education, medicine, and the military, to name just a few. Surely most, if not all, of these applications can be augmented still further by the systematic, comprehensive application of a technique to involve your entire being in the content of a suggested experience.
From the first glow of anticipation to the enduring treasures of fondest memory, Mindful Hypnosis and the BEST ME technique of multimodal suggestion provide us with a brush with which it is possible to paint upon the canvas of awareness practically any masterpiece we may desire, using the ultimate artistic medium of all -- human experience itself!  
In this volume, Kelley and I show you how to release the genie of  suggestion to serve you in ways which have previously not been imagined, for the facilitation of personal growth, the ennoblement of the human spirit, and the enrichment of human existence.