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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Riding Through a Rainbow into the Multiverse

Every perfectly-formed rainbow contains exactly the same colors,
in exactly the same order.
After a traditional hypnotic induction and deepening, I like to use the imagery of riding through a rainbow into the Multiverse. Every perfectly formed rainbow contains exactly the same colors, in exactly the same order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. (They can easily be remembered by using the acronym, Roy G. Biv), Each of the letters in this acronym  stands for one of the colors  in the rainbow. I encourage my clients to visualize enjoyable experiences and emotions associated with each color of the rainbow as they imagine passing through the bands one by one. 

Here are the images that I use, along with an example of how they may be paired with words which induce a feeling of leaving the cares of this life behind,  

Now the scene is changing, and we are standing at the top of a large mountain which is covered with clouds after a sudden spring shower. One end of a large rainbow which leads to the Multiverse, the universe of all possible universes, is touching the ground right in front of us.

We walk up to this rainbow and prepare to enter the first band. As we go through each band one by one, each band will present you with a priceless gift, which you will be able to take back with you. And the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the treasure that your life is becoming as we continue to explore the joys and wonders of the Multiverse itself.
First, we are entering the red band of the rainbow. Red is the color of strength.. Feel this strength flowing through you now, overcoming negative emotions, overcoming physical discomfort, paving over the effect of every bad thing that has ever happened to you, and filling every muscle and nerve and every cell of your being with wave after wave of infinite, boundless strength, and confidence, and power. [Brief Pause]

Next, we are entering the orange band of light. Orange is the color of happiness. Each time that I lead you into these higher realms of being, you go higher; each time you go faster, and each time you experience this happiness more beautifully and more intensely than you did the time before.
Feel the happiness flooding through you now, filling and flooding every muscle and nerve and cell of your body with wave after wave of infinite happiness and boundless joy. Infinite happiness, and boundless Joy  [Brief Pause]

Yellow is the color of healing. Each time you repeat this  Multiversal meditation, all of the healing processes throughout your body are considerably strengthened. As we travel through this band of yellow light, you can feel its healing warmth, flooding into every muscle, and every fiber, and nerve of your body, penetrating to the very core of your being.-- body, heart, mind, and spirit.. [Brief Pause]
Now, we are entering the green band of light. Green is the color of renewal. The farther we go into the rainbow, the more your sense of the passing of time is slowing down. Regardless of the time we may actually have been away, it will seem as if we had been gone for an eternity. And the benefits of our journey will be increased in direct proportion to the time that it feels like we have been gone.
Now, we are traveling through the band of blue, which is the color of Heaven, and the color of Eternity.  This is the true reality, and the universe from which we came is merely an illusion. This is your eternal home beyond the stars, and the spark of Divinity which is within you is nothing less than the energy of the Multiverse itself
Regardless of how much or how little you actually remember of these experiences -- and if you go deep enough, you may not remember anything at all,-- you will always look back upon these journeys with fondness, even as you look forward to the next opportunity to return to them ,with ever-increasing anticipation for each time that you are hypnotized, you will be able to obtain even more benefit and more growth, as it continues to change your life into a thing of wondrous beauty
Next, we move into the band of indigo, which contains the heightened mental and spiritual powers that are becoming yours in ever-increasing amounts, as your consciousness drifts higher.

You are a child of the Multiverse, more highly evolved than the rest  And as you continue to regularly practice this mindful hypnotic meditation, it will change your whole existence into thing of wondrous beauty
This is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to you  And the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the priceless treasure that your life is becoming, as our explorations in the Multiverse continue to change your whole existence into a thing of wondrous beauty, in many different ways and on many different levels, some of which you may already know, and some of which you may not yet realize until they actually happen.
Finally, we are entering the band of violet, which is the color of serenity. It’s only the separation from  this infinite ocean of boundless peace, and calm,  that is the source of all unhappiness, all depression, all anxiety, all loneliness and all despair. And now that this separation has been removed, you have an inner peace, which is greater than anything that you have ever dreamed of, longed for, hoped for, or imagined, and far, far beyond the power of.the human imagination by itself to even begin to comprehend.