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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What is Hyperempiria?

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less."                                                                      --Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Evolution did not come to a screeching halt with the first bipeds who could accurately be labeled homo sapiens. We have been developing the powers of our imagination in new and exciting ways ever since. However, the imaginatively gifted among us frequently need the services of a hypnotist to function as an enabler, coach, or personal trainer to show us how to use these emerging abilities with confidence, because they are so different from the current patterns of thought which we are usedd to in everyday life

There are literally hundreds of ways to "hypnotize" people; and entire books have been written on this subject. New methods are being devised all the time -- so many, in fact, that it is easy to see that the only thing which they to have in common is that they all plausibly present the idea (either directly or indirectly) that a person's consciousness is beginning to function differently. 

When this is recognized, the manner in which an induction operates becomes equally clear. If I were to walk up to a person who responds extremely well to suggestion, ask him to close his eyes, and matter-of-factly state that by the time I got to the count of five he could open them and see me wearing a Santa Claus suit and hat, he would surely think that I was crazy. And if such a suggestion should actually happen to "work," he would surely think that he was crazy! But if I first asked him to close his eyes and suggested with sufficient plausibility that he was "going into hypnosis," and then I told him that by the time I got to the count of five he could open his eyes and see me dressed like Santa Claus, such a suggestion could be accepted much more easily because it would have become more credible. 

Hypnosis, then, provides both the opportunity and the occasion for people who are able to use their imagination in an "Alice-in-Wonderland" imagination to go ahead and do so. All the rest depends upon the ability and willingness of the hypnosis partner to comply with the instructions and suggestions he or she is given. When you are hypnotized, you are still you, with the added suggestion you are in now in hypnosis. In the modern workaday world of adult life, we need what Michael Ellner has called the "transformational magic" of an induction because the pull of conformity is so powerful that the we simply do not recognize that we can use our imagination in ways that other people might consider to be so bizarre! 

In order to realize how we can deny an ability that we have, let's consider how it is possible to deny an ability that some of us lack. Some people never realize that they are color blind. They grow up seeing various shades of gray, and learn to get along in a world in which abilities shared by the rest of their fellow human beings take for granted. Now let's consider the opposite. What if we are capable of mental feats that most of the population simply does not believe is possible? WE wouldn't believe it either. However, many examples could be cited of ways in which we use our imagination hypnotically in everyday life without recognizing that we are doing so. When you were a little child, did you sometimes get so absorbed in your play that you didn't hear your mother's voice calling you in for dinner? In hypnosis, that is termed a negative auditory hallucination., and is indicative of a very high level of suggestibility. Did you ever discover a bruise on your body and realize that you must have been so absorbed in something that you did not pay any attention to the injury when it occurred? In hypnosis, that is akin to suggestion-induced anesthesia; and entire surgical and dental procedures have been performed without the use of chemical anesthetics. 

With 99% of the same genetic makeup as our closest simian cousins, the chimpanzees, there is little doubt that our evolutionary development has been lopsided. We have highly developed frontal lobes which enable us to formulate lofty ideals and distant goals, but all too often our emotional centers prevent us from achieving them. More than once in the last century, we have come close to annihilating each other; and many societal institutions are devoted in whole or in part to regulating our behavior so that we do not destroy one another individually. For centuries, determinists have argued that human beings do not possess a free will because we are not free to choose our own motives. With experiential hypnosis, however, it becomes possible to pre-experience the rewards of distant goals now, in the present when they are most important for motivation, vastly expanding our range of choices regarding which motives to strengthen, and making it much easier to live up to the goals and ideals which evolution has enabled us to construct but has heretofore made it difficult to achieve. Experiential hypnosis, is nothing less than the next step upward in human evolution. And the challenge facing all of us is to make it possible for this experientially gifted elite who dwell among us, as well as most others who possess these gifts to a lesser extent, to make the fullest use of their abilities. 

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